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OTI advocates for local broadband networks by submitting comments and joining a coalition

September 2, 2014

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been busy lately. In addition to reviewing comments about important issues like network neutrality, the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger, and spectrum auctions, the FCC has also invited comments on two petitions that, if approved, could help pave the wave for more local broadband networks across the country.

From Surveillance to Swing States, Transparency to Turkish Digital Rights: What to Expect at the 2014 Internet Governance Forum

September 1, 2014
This week, OTI’s Policy Director Kevin Bankston and I are in Istanbul, Turkey, to attend the ninth annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF), along with Rebecca MacKinnon, Director of the Ranking Digital Rights project. OTI will be leading or participating in a number of key sessions and side meetings at the conference (which officially starts tomorrow) as well as attending various panels and events related to our broader work.

Comments on Municipal Broadband Petitions

August 29, 2014
The Open Technology Institute at the New America Foundation submitted comments to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Petitions Pursuant to Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 for Removal of State Barriers to Broadband Investment and Competition. Read full text of the comments here [pdf]

Why U.S. net neutrality debate matters globally | The Hill

  • By
  • Danielle Kehl,
  • New America Foundation
August 28, 2014 |
At the annual Internet Governance Forum (IGF) meeting in Istanbul next week, a multi-stakeholder group of representatives from around the world will gather to discuss the most pressing Internet policy issues of the day. Net neutrality will be high on the agenda, with one of the plenary sessions devoted to developing a common understanding of the issue. From a continent away, the conversation will invariably turn to what's happening here in the U.S. at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and how it impacts the global policy conversation.

Summer of Surveillance Revelations Highlights Spread of Spy Tech to Repressive Regimes

August 28, 2014

As the fallout from Edward Snowden’s revelations continue to dominate the news, another surveillance scandal has begun making headlines: powerful, Western spy technology reaching the hands of human rights-abusing, repressive regimes.

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