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Case Study: Practical Principles to Encourage a Civic Youth Pipeline

July 24, 2014

Kids in Sayada, Tunisia working on a plan for their Community Wireless Network - Photo Credit: Ryan Gerety

When determining if a project or process was successful, frequently we look at what the outcomes were, detailed statistics about what happened, as well as thinking about if the experiment or intervention can be sustained or scaled?  More often than not though it’s the impact of the process itself that matters.

Process is a huge part of everyday life in communities. Whether you are organizing a neighborhood block party or attending a public meeting, you are engaging with the governance processes and community structures that comprise our lives. These engagement opportunities can be few and far between, and frequently lacking sufficient pathways to engage with young people. Framing each of these engagements as opportunities to enter into civic process, there is an opportunity to expand the civic pipeline for youth. This can be as simple as experimenting with including youth in the civic processes that impact their communities.

Battle on Many Fronts to Get NYC Wired | City Limits

July 22, 2014
Those nodes use Commotion software deployed by New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute (OTI) to emit their signals and connect to one another—creating the mesh. For Georgia Bullen of OTI, communities don't just need Internet access—which a mesh may or may not provide—they need "infrastructure that grows with the community." OTI has applied for grant money from the NYC Economic Development Corporation's initiative Rise : NYC—to set up similar networks elsewhere in the city.

All Aboard for Net Neutrality | In These Times

July 22, 2014
Seeta Peña Gangadharan, senior research fellow at the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute, says the FCC’s notice and comment period tends to be more about “performing participation” than actually framing rules over majority opinion.

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The 2014 Allied Media Conference MagicNet: Third Time’s the Charm

July 21, 2014
Pair of network installers

OTI works with Digital Stewards to construct this year’s conference-wide network.

At the 2014 Allied Media Conference, the Open Technology Institute partnered with the Detroit Digital Stewards to construct the conference-wide mesh network, MagicNet. This network provides a basic wireless connection to the Internet, as well as a platform for local applications and services for conference attendees. In previous years, OTI has led the MagicNet planning and construction as a training exercise for Digital Stewards from both Detroit and Red Hook, Brooklyn. This year, the newest round of Detroit Stewards led the process with minimal assistance from Open Technology Institute staff.

House Republicans Are Killing the Dream of Local High-Speed Fiber Internet | Motherboard

July 21, 2014
"This comes down to the issue of local choice. It's a matter of whether broadband services in an area meet the needs of the community," Patrick Lucey, a researcher who studies municipal broadband for the New America Foundation, told me. "Over the next year or two, more and more cities are going to be discussing this issue for themselves, and what's happening [in Congress] is harmful to that debate."

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