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Surveillance Costs: The NSA’s Impact on the Economy, Internet Freedom, and Cybersecurity

July 28, 2014
As a new version of the USA FREEDOM Act surveillance reform bill is expected to be introduced in the Senate this week, the debate about the National Security Agency’s surveillance programs still tends toward a simplistic focus on striking the right balance between national security and individual privacy.

Battle on Many Fronts to Get NYC Wired | City Limits

July 22, 2014
Those nodes use Commotion software deployed by New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute (OTI) to emit their signals and connect to one another—creating the mesh. For Georgia Bullen of OTI, communities don't just need Internet access—which a mesh may or may not provide—they need "infrastructure that grows with the community." OTI has applied for grant money from the NYC Economic Development Corporation's initiative Rise : NYC—to set up similar networks elsewhere in the city.

All Aboard for Net Neutrality | In These Times

July 22, 2014
Seeta Peña Gangadharan, senior research fellow at the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute, says the FCC’s notice and comment period tends to be more about “performing participation” than actually framing rules over majority opinion.

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House Republicans Are Killing the Dream of Local High-Speed Fiber Internet | Motherboard

July 21, 2014
"This comes down to the issue of local choice. It's a matter of whether broadband services in an area meet the needs of the community," Patrick Lucey, a researcher who studies municipal broadband for the New America Foundation, told me. "Over the next year or two, more and more cities are going to be discussing this issue for themselves, and what's happening [in Congress] is harmful to that debate."

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Sharp Divide Seen in Net Neutrality Comments on Rules for Mobile Broadband | Communications Daily

July 21, 2014
Michael Calabrese, director of the Wireless Future Project at New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute, said in a news release the revised rules should not treat wireless and wireless differently. “The FCC must not create two different Internets, one wireline and open, the other wireless and closed,” Calabrese said Thursday. “Individuals will increasingly rely on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that will connect to the Internet over a variety of fixed and mobile carrier networks de- pending on location, need and cost.”

Net Neutrality a Key Battleground in Growing fight over Encryption, Activists Say | PCWorld

July 18, 2014
Activists and tech companies fended off efforts in the U.S. in the 1990s to ban Internet encryption or give the government ways around it, but an even bigger battle over cryptography is brewing now, according to Sascha Meinrath, director of X-Lab, a digital civil-rights think tank launched earlier this year. One of the most contested issues in that battle will be net neutrality, Meinrath said.

PRESS RELEASE: OTI Files Comments on the FCC’s Proposed Open Internet Rules

July 17, 2014
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, New America’s Open Technology Institute filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on the FCC’s proposed Open Internet Rules. The full comments are available here.
The following statement can be attributed to Sarah Morris, Senior Policy Counsel at the Open Technology Institute:

Privacy Fight Returns for Cyber Bill | The Hill

July 12, 2014
"We're hopeful that the president will continue with the precedent that he set of threatening to veto any cyber information-sharing legislation that's not privacy-protective and that would allow automatic information sharing with the NSA," said Robyn Greene, policy counsel at the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute.

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Tech Experts Frustrated with NSA-Created Digital Security Gaps | Scripps News

July 11, 2014
“Consumer products are built on security standards established by the NIST, and those standards are supposed to be as strong as possible,” Danielle Kehl, a policy analyst at the New America Foundation Open Technology Institute, said. “But the NSA has exerted a lot of influence on the NIST, and as a result the NSA has been able to develop standards, or security tools, that contain vulnerabilities they know about and can exploit.”
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Privacy Advocates Call for NSA Reorganization | FedScoop

July 11, 2014

Danielle Kehl, a policy analyst at New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute, referenced documents leaked by Snowden and accused NSA of surreptitiously influencing companies to alter product designs to make it easier for the agency to hack those products. She said the statutory relationship between NSA and the National Institute of Standards and Technology should be severed.

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