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Comments on Progeny Location and Monitoring Service Rules

  • and John Bergmayer of Public Knowedge
January 30, 2013 |

After careful review, the Open Technology Institute and Public Knowledge believe that it appears likely that the operation of Progeny’s system would adversely impact the operational performance of unlicensed smart grid and broadband wireless devices. The test results suggest potentially devastating consequences for unlicensed use of the only contiguous
unlicensed band currently available in superior propagation frequencies below 1 GHz. A productive balance between licensed and unlicensed access to spectrum depends in part on the availability of unlicensed spectrum with a variety of propagation characteristics.

Adding a licensed and interfering service to the rich ecosystem of unlicensed consumer devices would, according to the test reports, be extremely disruptive. Among other things, a reduction in broadband throughput of more than 50% would drastically restrict the broadband experience for many consumers, many of whom may have no other choice in how they receive broadband.

For more information, read the full comments.